I’m Victor Crain.

I am an independent agent representing Aflac, VSP Vision, Delta Dental and Mutual of Omaha insurance.  The purpose of these policies is to help consumers minimize costs associated with using medical services and to meet living expenses while ill or injured without draining savings or investments.  My scope of work includes disability and long term care.

I’m licensed in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Missouri and Virginia.

You work hard for your money, and you’ll need it for education expenses or retirement.  Most people don’t have enough in savings for either.  Why spend more on healthcare than you need?

In learning this trade, I’ve acquired knowledge about the Affordable Care Act, the Healthcare Marketplace(s), and business reporting that I’m quite willing to share.

As a market research veteran, I have access to information from a variety of sources, and I’ll be sharing that on this site.  What the media promotes and what you really need to know aren’t necessarily the same thing.  I’m here to help.

Welcome on board.

If you need to reach me:

Cell:  609 510-3712