Companies with less than 25 employees and with employees who make less than $30,000 per year can earn a 50% tax credit if they sign up for health insurance through the Federal SHOP marketplace.  Until 25grinzFEARduckwatchingyou-viDecember 15th, there is no requirement that most employees participate.  If many employees get insurance through spouses or parents, and you have only a couple of workers who need health insurance, you can do it.  However, only until December 15th.

Example:  Say the monthly cost for a Silver level policy for a young single worker is $400 (list price).  You can pay $200.00 if that amount and get a tax credit for $100.00.  Or you can pay $300.00 and get $150.00 tax credit.  The employee pays what you don’t.

If you have a good worker you want to keep, this is a valuable and not-too-expensive way to show appreciation for what he or she does.

If you’re a worker, why isn’t your employer doing this?  You should ask.

If you have questions, call me.

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