Where I Want to Be

My goal is to be able to help anyone who comes to me with a problem regarding health insurance.  The US has an insanely inefficient health insurance system designed to make a few people rich and frustrate the many.  To have good coverage requires quilting together policies from various insurers that will provide what people need for the most reasonable cost possible.

I’m finally there in terms of having the pieces that I need to be able to do that. First, I’m licensed in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Virginia, and will be shortly in Illinois.

Second, yes, I still represent Aflac, a company that I respect.  However, Aflac only provides policies in New Jersey for employee groups; the offerings for individuals are highly limited.  The product line is better in some other states, but not perfect.

Aflac really excels i25grinzFEARduckwatchingyou-vin four areas:

  • Short term disability
  • Accident
  • Cancer
  • Critical illness



I’ve added Mutual of Omaha and RSLI for long term disability and long term care,  both riders on life insurance.


I’ve added Delta Dental for employee groups and Ameritas dental for individuals and families.  Delta only offers policies for employee groups in most states through agents and policies for individuals online.  Ameritas matches Delta benefits at a lower cost than Delta charges for individuals.delta


I’ve added VSP for vision.


I’ve added United American for Medicare Supplement policies.


I can add to the array as needed, but what I have gives me the ability to pick and choose the best policies for each individual client.  That’s what I’ve always wanted.

I figure if I do well for each client, they’ll refer others to me.  I’ve never needed the DOL rule to guide my conduct — I’ve always put the client’s needs first.  It’s all about “Doing well by doing good” and “Givers gain”.

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Insurance for the disabled

This is a subject I’m working on now.

Insurers have no problem writing life and disability policies for healththlx3t6c8yy people.

However, getting insurance for someone who starts as disabled (e.g., autism, brain injury) is a challenge.  Certain states make that even more difficult.  For example (thank you Governor Christie), it’s illegal in NJ to write certain types of insurance for people on Medicaid.  If you’re poor, the state makes it harder to dig yourself out.

thzaeabdiqHowever, there are solutions.  As an agent, I have to dig to find them.  Most consumers wouldn’t know where to look.

Happily, I’ve always enjoyed doing research.  It’s my calling.

By the way, there are people who invest in life insurance at age 18, before there’s an opportunity for much to happen to them.  They’re smarter than I was.  If healthy, they have more options and policies are very low cost.

This is an insurance/health focused blog.  I have a related blog at “Crain’s Comments” (vlcrain17.wordpress.com) that addresses a range of additional topics in writing, finance, technology, science and medicine.